Friday, 8 April 2011

Pre-Loved Giveaway

I know it's normal for bloggers to give away new books provided by publishers but I love sharing books and need a way to help reduce my TBR. So every Friday, I'll be digging through my books to find a pre-loved (that means second hand) book to give away.

This week's book:

This week I'm giving away my copy of Random by Craig Robertson which I reviewed this week. It's had one careful lady owner and you can barely tell it's been read.

Just use my Contact Me form to send in your entry.

If more than one person requests I will pick names out of a hat. I have a variety of hats and will mix them up, a bit like the National Lottery machines. Sorry, but if you're under 16, you must get an adult to enter for you (they don't have to be responsible, just old).

Closing date: 15th April

I will send anywhere!

Yup. These are international giveaways so if there's any UK authors you find hard to get in your country, please leave a comment and I may very have them already or can easily find them for 50p in a local charity shop. To be fair to Brits, please comment if there's any wishlist books you're after. On occasion I may list a brick of a book that I'll only send domestic, but I'll try and avoid that.

Books will be mostly those that I've read myself and enjoyed, though I do like trawling charity shop bookshelves and may find some that were too good to leave behind.

Want to join in?

If you'd like to offer a pre-loved book on your blog (or other public page), here's a Linky List to add your link to. It can be a one-off or regular and on any day of the week. Bear in mind a new list will be posted here every Friday (or thereabouts). Where it says click to enter is to add a link NOT to enter the competition. Sorry it's confusing but I'll see if I can edit this for future giveaways.


  1. Why not create a google doc? They're good to use.

  2. I hate using Google docs! Probably because of work but I think it would put some people off. I add to Linky links all the time - I just thought the wording was a bit confusing.

  3. I wouldn't even know how to use a google doc for it x


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