Thursday, 26 May 2011

Back in the Swapping Saddle

So... my book buying ban hasn't gone so well. At first I managed to avoid spending money on books but made up for it by getting review copies, going to the library and mooching. I also allowed myself any pre-ordered books and generally the book spend has gone down, despite the fall off the wagon last week!

All this time I've had my swaps list "on holiday" over at ReadItSwapIt. This has been great for reducing books in but I didn't factor in books out. Yup, books have been slowly multiplying in my one bedroom flat. I have sent a few out via giveaways but this hasn't made up for the old one out, one in system (OK it was more like one out, three in, but still, there were some going out).

And I've been missing out on the forums! Even if you're not interested in swapping, the community is a great place to chat about books and share reviews. If it's been read by a member, there'll be a thread about it! I've still been hanging around but it has sort of dropped off my internet rounds as I've not had to go on to check out swap requests.

So yesterday I reactivated my list. Yey! Had quite a few requests in too but have been restrained and accepted one, which plugs the gap in a series I plan on reading fairly soon.


  1. Is this only for the UK? I belong to Paperback Swap and I think I've come out more in favor of the "in" rather than the "out" on that one too! There are no forums there, that would be cool if they did.

  2. I've just put mine on holiday. Great your advertising RISI. I always add the link when I do my version of 'incoming' when i'e received a swap. I also seem to have added a lot to my shelf, more than go out.

  3. I don't have any swaps on my list at the moment, but cannot stay away from the community.
    I don't always comment but read the forum most days.

    Your quite right, if it isn't on RiSi it hasn't been read LOL


  4. There's also a group on goodreads that is for swapping in the UK only for it's members. Thought I'd let you know.


  5. Kris - It is UK only. We have a few ex-pats on the forums but I'm not sure if you can sign up without a UK address.

    Margaret - Good to know, but I'm not actively swapping...well that's what I tell myself! I can imagine the Goodreads one getting a bit messy if they don't open up the official route to worldwide.


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