Monday, 16 May 2011

The Iliad: Checkpoint #1

Reading The Iliad is a bit like running a marathon. You're full of enthusiasm for the first mile, then you start to flag on the second. You spot a nice looking pub and think a little rest won't matter. Next thing you know, you've drunk a bottle of wine and have attached yourself to a stag party...

You might be able to tell I don't do marathons and I have not made it half-way for this readalong either. I have made it through two “books” and already want to slap half the characters. When you already know what happens, there a lot less motivation to pick up a book and read. I do intend to finish it but it will not be this month. To be fair I've had more on than normal and it probably wasn't a good month to try. Good luck to the rest of you taking part at a faster pace!

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  1. Your post made me laugh, so funny. 99.9% of the characters do need a good slap over the head.


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