Saturday, 14 May 2011


Um, yes, you can see that I'm doing a great job of controlling incoming books can't you? I blame Tesco for letting me shop there after consuming wine on an empty stomach!

The Passage and When God Was a Rabbit are from Tesco and as both were wishlist books, I'm not tempted to take them back! Hah that'll be the day when I return impulse book buys. I wanted to read The Passage on the Kindle as it's such a big book but it was going to cost be twice the price of the paper edition. I can't bring myself to pay more for a electronic file.

Ill Wind and One Day are mooches. I realise I've got a few World Book Night books now and feel I should really register them. It would be better if you didn't need to create an account to do so (like Book Crossing, though I did end up registering anyway).

I picked up Delirium from the library and am reading it now.


  1. Returning impulse book buys :-D now that's a good one!!!

  2. Such a great pile of books! I love both One Day and The passage. I want to read When God Was a Rabbit too. I had it on a list of suggestions for my book group but they went for Sister instead.

    I've read Delirium but wasn't a fan. There were so many parts of it that annoyed me although I liked the idea behind it.

  3. I tried reading Ill Wind but just couldn't get into it at all. Hopefully you'll enjoy it more than I did.

  4. I enjoyed One Day. I am old enough to identify with the characters as I would have been around the same age in the late 80's! :)


  5. The Passage sounds great! Though the size of it is a little off-putting. I haven't managed to read The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett for that particular reason. I know it's a rather stupid reason, but 1000 very thin pages with an extra small font makes me feel a little intimidated.

    I will probably be readin One Day in the summer! My Grandma bought it and read it and told me she would lend it to me when I got to England in the summer!

    Hope you enjoy all your books! Though I don't know why you would even consider taking them back... I don't think I'd do that easily. Even if I did, it would probably end in me going out to buy them again!

  6. Bad, bad Tesco!
    How dare they stock such trolley jumpers!

    hehehe Have a fantastic time with these!


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