Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Those Little White Lies

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is one I have not been able to participate in. I may have lied about finishing chapter x for homework at school but I have come up a blank as to when I have lied about a book in my adult life.

I don't think there's anyone that would be impressed by me having read a certain book so there's no point in making it up. Some people I mix with watch the worst TV ever so I should have no shame in my bookish guilty pleasures... and I don't!

Sometimes I might play down how much I hated a book if in the presence of people who love it and look like they might hit me if I'm mean. I won't pretend I liked it though, just say it wasn't for me and move on. We all like different things so you can't judge a person by the cover of the book they're reading!

141:365 Shhh, It's A Secret!


  1. Is this just to prepare me for the scathing review of Mr. Tickle? It's OK, there will be no hitting.

  2. I don't lie about my opinion on certain books either. If I didn't like something, I will just say truthfully that I did not enjoy it and that it wasn't for me, without discouraging people who want to read it because they find it interesting or aggravating people who loved the book in question. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and everybody has the freedom to read whatever they want to read without being judged for their choices.

    Hence, the absence of a Top Ten Tuesday post this week.

  3. I didn't participate either. I'm open about pretty much anything and books are no exception. If I read it, I'll tell you. If I loved it, hated it, didn't finish it, I'm going to own up to that. I've never seen the point of trying to impress people by saying you've read things that you haven't. If people you want to impress have read a certain book, just go read it. Don't try to act like you know what you're talking about because chances are they're going to figure out that you don't.

    Although, there were a few times in high school and college where I "read" books for class. I really don't think that counts though because I'm guessing everyone did that at one time or another.


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