Friday, 13 May 2011

We're Back!

Lots of unhappy bloggers today but I'm not going to listen to everyone that said "Blogger is crap switch to my blog provider instead". I test software for a living, I know things break and that things do need to be taken down for maintenance now and then. The other providers are just as likely to have it happen to them.

Yes we like a good moan and are entitled to it, but I appreciate the work the folks at Blogger have done to get us up and running again. If you still need cheering up, here are some happy dinosaurs!

Please note that the retrieved posts for Wednesday and Thursday are showing as posted today and are also in the wrong order.

Surf's Up!

Dino Love


  1. I want to second your thanks to the Blogger folks for getting things back up with relatively little long term damage. I also do a decent amount of software testing for my job, so I feel their pain when something goes down.

  2. I tweeted my thanks to the folks at Blogger.
    They are human....computers go wrong.

    I was uneasy about whether we would get our blogs back ok, but knew they were doing their best.

    good to be back

  3. It's true, things can go wrong anywhere and it doesn't mean certain sites are better than others. Still, I have to say, I was a lil' nervous about blogger being down for such a long time ... guess I missed my blogs *lol*.


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