Friday, 26 August 2011

The Canons

I while ago I mentioned how the cover of Life of Pi was putting me off reading it. A few days later a Canongate catalogue dropped through the door and lo and behold, what has been revamped? Life of Pi as part of their new imprint, The Canons!

It's one classy piece of cover design if you ask me, I'd love to own a set though I'd have to find a way to display them so the covers could be seen. You can see all the titles here.


  1. I like the new covers. Very clean!

    Beth ^_^

  2. The one with the canoe and tiger on it? I always liked that although these new covers are very fresh. Do you think you will read it now?


  3. P.s I have seen a few people reading the silent girl but yet to see the synopsis, how are you finding it?

  4. I do have a copy with the old cover, I think it's the colours and the composition I don't like, the sharks under the water are pretty neat. I will read it at some point...

    Review of The Silent Girl is up...I'm that late in responding.


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