Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mug Shot

My parents had a special mug prepared for me when I arrived...one with books on! I hope those of you in London are safe and sound. I can hardly believe the scenes being shown on the news.


  1. Oh, my! I love that mug! What a brilliant idea.

    I second your sentiments about London. It's so horrendous that such barbaric things happen in a fisrt class city. I hope all the innocent people are safe.

  2. I now have mug envy!

    Completely shocking. Just glad my friends checked in and are okay. There is absolutely no excuse for what happened.

  3. We're all safe and sound in Birmingham too, in case you wondered ;)

  4. Definitely one of the best mugs I have ever seen!

    I know, it's so sad about London. I have been watching it on the news. It's really bad. I was also planning to visit London, but I decided against it in the end.

    Hope you're having a lovely time in Scotland! :)

  5. Sorry Mike, though you don't live in central Brum :P The BBC hasn't really reported much from the rioting outside of London so don't know how bad it is.


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