Sunday, 30 October 2011


AKA In My Mailbox

So I got lax with posting my weekly incoming books. You may have been thinking I have been a good girl and have curbed the book hoarding but alas not. I've got little piles of review books that I'm not going to get round to reading any time soon, so to lessen my guilt, I'll be joining in with The Story Siren's IMM meme each Sunday, just so you know what cool books are out there.

Of course this week are two books that I will be reading promptly. It's always a joy to receive them from Canongate as they take a lot of care in producing a beautiful looking book.

Wildwood is written by the singer-songwriters of The Decemberists, Colin Meloy, and illustrated by his wife, Carson Ellis. I admit to not being familiar with the band and will have to have a little listen whilst reading. It's Canongate's first foray into children's publishing. Quite a big looking book, but beautifully bound and illustrated, it's the story of what happens when Prue's little brother gets kidnapped by crows. Prue and her friend must journey into the wilderness known as Wildwood to get him back where they discover a secret world. It got me at "kidnapped by crows".

Pyg is the memoir of a pig (though actually written by Russell Potter). The book itself is a very pretty pink and gold edition which I think will attract a few magpiesque shoppers in the stores. It's due to be released on my birthday (3rd November).


  1. I'd have been caught by "kidnapped by crows" too!

    Enjoy the reading, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. I don't know if those would be my cup of tea but I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping over :)

  3. Ohh so pretty! :)
    I love children's books. There's something charming about them. One of my favourites is.. I can't remember the name, gah! Very similar to Where The Wild Things Are but with the most gorgeous art style which is precisely why I picked it up. I love it!
    Once Upon A Time

  4. Let me know if Wildwood is as good as they say. The illustration had me lusting after it. But would rather just borrow if it's only so-so. :)


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