Monday, 21 November 2011

Shakespeare's Landlord

Lily Bard chose the quiet Arkansas town of Shakespeare to escape as the name appealed to her on the map. She's suffered in the past and wishes to keep it there, so she busies herself with her cleaning job and keeping out of trouble. Until one night she sees a body being dumped in the park near her home. Being a cleaning lady she is privy to the secrets of many and her curiosity leads her to investigate further.

I do like Charlaine Harris's easy-going writing style and this was a enjoyable light read. Maybe a few too many pages dedicated to cleaning and working out at the gym for my liking though it did guilt me into putting the book down and doing some cleaning myself! There weren't really enough clues for me to have formed an opinion on who-dunnit so the end was surprising but not in a wholly satisfying way. I will accept that the first instalment of a series needs to set up the characters and I definitely want to read more about them, especially that dishy policeman across the street!

For those of you used to Charlaine's supernatural books, this is a pure mystery (though I'm sure Lily popped up in one of the Sookie books briefly).


  1. I actually like all the everyday life stuff in Charlaine Harris' novels - Sookie is always tying her hair up, or doing the dishes, or driving to work. It's quite reassuring :)

    I haven't read this series, but think I would enjoy it as a light read.

  2. I like the Shakespeare series - I just read the 3rd which I found the most interesting as it took Lily away from Shakepeare! They provide a nice interlude from some of the heavier stuff on my TBR!


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