Sunday, 8 January 2012

I am the Messenger

Ed is a nineteen year old cab driver. His life is pretty empty, he plays cards with his friends, is in love with a girl who doesn't want him back and has a mother who shows him no love. When he stops a bank robbery he becomes a local hero and a playing card arrives in the post. Written on it are three addresses and corresponding times.

It is a story of how little things can make huge differences in people's lives. Ed sees himself as a messenger. He goes from address to address, working out what is wrong in each person's life. Some things are small and some things are huge. He gets into trouble but he also finds friends.

It reads a little like a collection of short stories. As always for a book group read, I left it last minute and had to read in one go. I wonder if I would have preferred dipping into, reading one address at a time as the linking elements between the stories didn't pull it together enough. Each individual story is heart-warming and delivers a positive message. Overall I found it a rather sweet book.

As most of you will know Markus Zusak as the author of The Book Thief, it is tempting to compare the two. This is a very different novel but that doesn't make it bad. It's not currently published in the UK but you can get second hand copies and Amazon will order it for you if you are prepared to wait. As The Book Thief is one of World Book Night's featured titles, lets hope there will be an appetite for more Zusak in the future.


  1. I wonder why this is not published in the UK, The Book Thief was so massive that his name alone should be able to sell it?

  2. It is very odd that his other books, like this one, haven't been published in the UK after the success of The Book Thief you would think it was a no brainer. Anyway, I read this and really enjoyed it a few years ago, although its meant to be a YA novel in Oz, which I wouldnt have spotted until I chose it as a title and googled more about it.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I loved this book. Glad you liked it too and could find yourself a copy. It is so worth it :)

  4. Would you believe that I've never read Markus Zuzak, even after meeting his charming and lovely self in person back in 2007? This book sounds very interesting.

  5. This is a great book.. it's been a few years since I have read it. But I loved it. My book club discussed it so if you want to see some more opinions on the book you can go to this link:


  6. This sounds like a quirky read, I like it! And I won't be tempted to compare it with The Book Thief because (shame on me!) I haven't read it yet (although it is waiting on my shelves!)


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