Friday, 17 February 2012

Review Copy Cleanup

Review Copy Cleanup is hosted by Nyx Book Reviews and Books, Biscuits & Tea and will run for the whole of March to motivate us to finish those review books lurking on our shelves or ereaders. You can sign up here.

This will be a really good push to get caught up with all those books I keep putting off. Plus I can find out what is really living on my Kindle!

There are challenges and giveaways and of course plenty of chances to socialise with other bloggers. There's even an official hashtag if you want to chat on Twitter: #RCCleanup


  1. Wahoo! :) Thanks for signing up Ellie! I'm so glad you joined us too.

  2. I may sign up for this Ellie, I need to do something and I am away on holiday in March so it is a good opportunity to catch up.


  3. Yay, I didn't even have to remind you :D. Looking forward to see what you're hiding on that Kindle of yours...


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