Sunday, 18 March 2012


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At some point, I will win the lottery so I actually have the time to read all these books. I sort of made myself a deal at the beginning of the year to buy the Waterstones 11 books from Waterstones stores but have so far received 3 for review. I thought I had better go buy some books from them as they are the only proper bookshops we have round here. They have improved somewhat since HMV sold them and they are starting to feel more like bookshops again.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
The Land of Decoration - Grace McCleen
Care of Wooden Floors - Will Wiles

For Review
The Library Book

newbooks magazine
Story of a Secret State - Jan Karski
Carnage - Maxime Chattam
Donor - Ken McClure

Railsea - China Mieville
The White Oak - Kim White
The City's Son - Tom Pollock
Afterwards - Rosamund Lupton

LightBrigade PR
99 Reasons Why - Caroline Smailes

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  1. I know this makes me a bit shallow, but the cover the The City's Son makes me want to read it for a reason that is not literary. ;-P

  2. I hadn't heard of many of those but you sure had a great book week. The Library Book sounds interesting, I think I may have to get that one. Though I may wait until after your review.

  3. Yay, you've been seduced by The City's Son too! ;))) Will be great to compare the reviews, the only pity is that the book doesn't come out until September :( Enjoy all your reads, Ellie!

  4. Yay, the NetGalley curse is still going strong! I now try to keep it to no more than five eGalleys from there, and so far I'm doing fine, but who knows when the tides will turn?
    Oh and "The Library Book" seems to be right up my alley too!

  5. Great set! I got the John Green book too. I can't wait to start it.
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  6. Oh wow, you did go a little mad this week didn't you! At least you're in good company ;)

  7. I also have The White Oak to read :)

  8. I need to read The Fault in our Stars. I heard it was really good. Great haul!

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  9. I looked at several of these but decided to pass. Hope you enjoy them.

  10. Enjoy your books! I got the White Oak from netgalley as well! I haven't started it yet though.

  11. The Fault in Our Stars must be great and very emotional. I have a copy and hope that I get to it soon! Happy reading:)
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  12. Nice books! I really need to read The Fault In Our Stars -- it looks amazing. And I love the cover for The White Oak - gorgeous!

    Happy reading! :)

  13. So many great books! The Fault In Our Stars is amazing!

  14. Ooooh! Looks like you got some yummy books this week!

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Yay for John Green! Great books this week! Enjoy! :-)

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