Friday, 30 March 2012

Love Will Find a Way

In the Love Will Find a Way Challenge we're sharing our all-time favourite books. If you were stuck on an island, or in a cave, which books would you bring? We're not limiting you to bring a certain amount of books, so give us your best!

Help! There are so many fantastic books out there, can't I just fill up my Kindle and take solar panels? OK, OK. I would definitely take something by Terry Pratchett, maybe the City Watch omnibus. If I couldn't take the whole Women of the Otherworld series, I'd pack Bitten by Kelley Armstrong, the first is still the best. A recent addition to the hall of favourites, is Lucy Wood's beautiful Diving Belles, though it may put my imagination into overdrive on that island. And The Raw Shark Texts may start to make me worry about what's in the water but I'd still take it with me, it's such a great book (and different). I may even be tempted to sneak in The Scorpio Races (again, what's with the scaring myself on this hypothetical island?). I couldn't leave du Maurier's Rebecca or Atwood's Handmaid's Tale behind either. If I couldn't take Danny Wallace in person, I'd make do with Yes Man as he makes me snort with laughter.


  1. I wanted to take my nook with its 32gb of memory..LOL. Wonderful choices and I love Armstrong.
    Here is mine:
    RC Challenge

  2. Great choices. I'm currently trying to get hold of a load of Terry Pratchett's Discworld book. I loved the Colour of Magic. I should really read Rebecca, not only because I've heard such good things about it but because its my name also! I read the Handmaid's Tale a few years ago, such a haunting tale.

    And I think the idea about the kindle is great! Can I share your solar panels pleaase?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think you did well there to keep it to such a short number. I applaud your will power. Great choices too. I loved Yes Man. So funny!

  4. Well, I would have to bring all my Tolkien books... and my small Dumas collection, Jane Eyre, Gone with the Wind, the Nicholas Flamel series, Runemarks, The Good Earth, Sherlock Holmes.

  5. Oh, that's so hard. I don't think I could choose!


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