Sunday, 20 May 2012


AKA Showcase Sunday

I had a mystery Special Delivery package this week! Whilst I was sort of expecting the Bloomsbury Circus books I thought they'd just come by regular post so I went on a mission to retrieve it. I wasn't expecting the canvas bag which is lovely and exactly the right size for carting around books! I also received a final copy of The Black Path which will probably be given away at some point as I have a proof lying around here somewhere... I finally received something from Unbound too...was starting to worry about all these crowd funding projects and not seeing any return but Warhorses of Letters is lovely!

For Review
The Black Path - Asa Larsson (Quercus)
Straight to Hell - Michelle Scott
Straight to Heaven - Michelle Scott
The Goddess Legacy - Aimee Carter (Harlequin Teen)
Driving Jarvis Ham - Jim Bob (The Friday Project)
The Squire Quartet - Brian Aldiss (The Friday Project)

The Trapeze Artist - Will Davis (Bloomsbury Circus)
The Forrests - Emily Perkins (Bloomsbury Circus)

Warhorses of Letters - Robert Hudson and Marie Phillips
The Third - Abel Keogh
Snatched - Karin Slaughter

Charity Shop
Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella
A Tiny Bit Marvellous - Dawn French

Showcase Sunday is hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea.


  1. Hi Ellie

    That's a fair sized haul there.

    The bag looks lovely. Have fun with your reading. :)

  2. Ah, book bags! You can never have too many :-)!
    I see you bought "The Third" which I read and really enjoyed last year. "Mini Shopaholic" is fun too - though not as great as the first novels in the series.

  3. Lovely bag & books!

    I also bought a copy of The Third (Keogh) not too long ago. I hope you'll enjoy it. I want to read it soon but other books keep getting priority.

  4. I've seen The Trapeze Artist around, Ellie! Quite a cool cover, - it will be interesting to read your review :) Great haul this week! I've read Straight to Hell, and it was a very enjoyable book. Have fun with all your reads! ;)

  5. Snap on Straight to Hell! I'm thoroughly intrigued by The Trapeze Artist. Hope you'll be reading and reviewing it? Love to hear your thoughts!

  6. You did well with your wins as well. another Scandinavian crime writer to get into? Must check out Asa Larsson.


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