Monday, 15 October 2012

Cover Reveal: The Pirate's Wish

I don't usually do cover reveals but this time I would love to know what you think that monkey bat thing is on the cover?! The Assassin's Curse has one of my favourite covers of this year and I like that the style is carried forward. The burnt orange colour is a good choice too, differentiating it from book one but also evocative of the desert heat. But what the hell is that creature on the cover? It even looks like it has a scorpion's tail... I can actually imagine there is some disturbing Persian art hidden in the V&A vaults that contains such a mythical creature though. I can't remember a reference to anything in book one so it really makes me want to read The Pirate's Wish to find out. So I suppose it works in that way but I'm not sure it's such a must-have cover as the first. Thoughts?


  1. To be honest, Ellie, I wasn't enamoured with this cover. The first one was carefully crafted and detailed, this one looks like a quick sloppy job. I don't like anything apart from the colour. The author's name is a disaster as well (what was wrong with the previous version?)

    1. I'm sort of expecting the author name to be sorted on the final looks a bit blue and random! The actual JPEG is pretty poor quality so that doesn't help, I am imagining it a lot crisper.


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