Sunday, 14 October 2012

#Readathon: Rise and Shine!

Local time: 08:00
Pages read: 725
Books finished: Pantomime, The Confidant

I have been mostly asleep since the last update. I read The Calling for an hour and then set my alarm for 5am but when it came to waking up, my body was having none of it. So have had a decent 6 hours sleep. I will probably carry on reading past 1pm to make up for it.



  1. Goodmorning! Nice, crumpets!

    You have read quite a bit already and I hope you get some more pages done before 1pm.

    I've almost finished my second book (about 750 pages in total, too) and had a good sleep too. It's 9.30am here.

  2. You are definitely brighter than me. Had a 2 hour nap.

  3. Congratulations on reaching the finish line! (Well, it's in half an hour technically, but still...) And bloody hell, those crumpets look yummy. The perfect English Sunday breakfast! I've not been read-a-thonning, but last winter when I DID I had a couple of times where it was surprisingly easy to carry on reading after the end. My inner reader was ON FIRE and I didn't really want to stop! Good times. Enjoy the rest of the day! :D


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