Sunday, 24 February 2013

What is "adult" fiction?

Revolutions, family dinners, tyrannical fathers, faery courts, dimension hopping, bad boys, murder, scandal, history, cryogenics, revenge, weirdness, laughter, genetic engineering, family obligations, death, gods, the underworld, top secret magic schools, A CUDDLY TOY, lost memories, multiple personalities, secret government organisations, mind control, grief, hidden worlds, college pranks, first loves, betrayal, misunderstandings, long-standing grudges, abortion, missing persons, time travel, lost love, nostalgia, heartbreak, rats, vampires, sex, curses, internet dating, broken legs, transmogrification, prejudice, scientists, ice storms, coming of age, robots, the meaning of life, best friends, break-ups, make-ups, guilt, thieves, adventure, war, injustice, single parenting, lost and found, missed opportunities, awww moments, argh moments, WHY OH WHY moments, obesity, self-reflection, the great outdoors, consumerism, dystopian society, the future, discoveries, hope, writers, austerity, foreign lands, lunatic asylums, shocks, fun, werewolves, mental illness, serial killers, road trips, ghosts, books within books, anonymous letters, isolation, hardship, space travel, being out of control, worlds in our heads, oppression, running away from home, horses, the circus, wizards…

And that’s just based on what I’ve read in the past six months. So please, stop it with the sweeping statements on what books for adults are. They are without boundaries.


  1. 1. I love you.
    2. Is it bad that I went through this list trying to match the different things to actual books like a total nerd?
    3. I still love you. :)

    1. Haha, all those blimmin NA articles were getting on my nerves. Like I am reading about boring married people with kids? They're sort of in order of my blog archive as I went through it picking out key words from each, although there was some cross over. And I love you for loving this!


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