Sunday, 28 April 2013

#Readathon - Hour 22

Official hours elapsed: 21
Actual hours spent reading: 19
Hours spent sleeping: 5

Pages read: 901
Books: Kitty Steals the Show, The Iron King, Care of Wooden Floors
Books finished: 2

Coffee count: 4

Since last update:
Food eaten: rice krispies square and vegetable samosa
Pages read: 154

As my current book title has 5 syllables in it, here's a haiku for the hour 20 challenge:

Care of Wooden Floors
Pay attention to the notes
Don't let cats drink wine.

Also look at the message my book is telling me. Spooky!

Hour 22 – William Shakespeare


  1. Ooh, that's kinda weird! :-) How did you get those words to stand out in the photo while the rest are blurred? Is that a photographing technique or something done in photoshop? Looks good.

    You're doing so well with the readathon! Have you been enjoying the books so far? Good luck with the rest :-)

    1. It's an Instagram setting, the blurriness. And yes, they've all be enjoyable choices. Just starting a fourth now!

    2. Ahh ok, never actually used Instagram. Would love to get better at photography. Zoom and click are about my limits at the moment... xD


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