Saturday, 27 April 2013

#Readathon - Hour 9

Official hours spent reading: 8
Actual hours spent reading: 11
Pages read: 530
Books: Kitty Steals the Show, The Iron King
Books finished: 1

Coffee count: 3

Since last update:
Food eaten: BBQ chicken pizza and wasabi peanut crackers.
Pages read: 152

I feel like I've got the attention span of a goldfish today. Still, I've read 1.5 books, which is more than a normal Saturday but I kind of feel I should have more to show for 11 hours of reading. I know I keep putting the books down to see what's going on. Also I'm starting to get a bit tired; here's hoping I can last another 4 hours before I need to nap.

The darkness beckons...

Hour 9 – More Than 1/3 of the Way!


  1. Yeah #I'm getting a bit sleepy and flittery. Gonna have to get some sleep tonight I think. Too close to fixing my sleep schedule.

  2. Good luck! You are doing brilliantly! I think 1.5 books isn't bad going.


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