Sunday, 30 June 2013

Incoming: Bumper Edition

AKA Showcase Sunday

Um, even taking into account two weeks' worth of books in, this is still a pretty bad state of affairs. A whole box of books from The Works! And um, I've been frittering away my Amazon voucher which the water company gave me for answering a survey (easiest £15 I've ever earned). And despite being really focused on getting through my NetGalley backlog, I have clicked on a few must-reads. Not to mention the normal flow of review books. All I can say in my defense, new job is on the horizon and at least I won't be popping in to Tesco every other day just to "look" at the books.

Don't forget Google Reader will be gone tomorrow! In the interest of covering all bases, I have also set up a Facebook page for the blog.

For review:
The Hurleyburley's Husband by Jean Teulé (Gallic Books)
Thomas Quick: The Making of a Serial Killer by Hannes Råstam (Canongate)
The Unquiet Grave by Steven Dunne (Headline)
His Father's Son by Tony Black (Black & White)
Fiend by Peter Stenson (William Heinemann)
The Keeper by Luke Delaney (HarperCollins)
Moon in a Dead Eye by Pascal Garnier (Gallic Books)
The Killing Game by J.A. Kerley (HarperCollins)
The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF (Constable & Robinson)
Entwined With You by Sylvia Day (Penguin)
Let the Games Begin by Niccolò Ammaniti (Canongate)
The Weight of Souls by Bryony Pearce (Strange Chemistry)
Parasite by Mira Grant (Orbit)
Dark Eden by Chris Beckett - audiobook

The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan
Blood Red Road by Moira Young
Adorkable by Sarra Manning
The Kiss of Death by Marcus Sedgwick
Blood Red, Snow White by Marcus Sedgwick
Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale
Two Weeks' Notice by Rachel Caine
Night School by C.J. Daugherty
Citadel by Kate Mosse
Mr g by Alan Lightman
A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin
The Good, the Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison
Blink of an Eye by Cath Staincliffe

Rabid by Bill Wasik + Monica Murphy (The Book Garden)

The State of Me by Nasim Marie Jafry

I also have had a bit of a t-shirt binge...I won't share them all, but this one's got books on it:

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  1. Wow, amazing haul! I have to look out for some myself.
    And the shirt looks awesome, I've seen it around before and I just might get it myself. ^^

  2. Wow that is some list. I hope your not planning on leaving the house for the next month :D

    1. I wish! I'm starting a new job in July! To be fair, 8 were ones I never asked for and another 2 were ones I think I expressed interest in at the beginning of the year and forgot about. So I'm not going to feel too guilty about them turning up in one fortnight!

  3. Wow you've got some great books in these two weeks! :) I can't wait to read Red Blood Road! I can say that I haven't heard of many of these but they sound great. Great haul! :)

  4. Wow good luck with that pile! Love the covers for The Kiss of Death and Let the Games Begin.

  5. Thats a fantastic range of books!! I don't even know where to start commenting!

    I read A MAddness of Angels a couple of years ago and just adored it! It takes a little while to get used to the style of writing but at one point it just clicks and London opens up! :-)

    1. I didn't realise Stray Souls was a spin-off series, so I think I already know some stuff about Matthew Swift - should at least make it easy to get into!

  6. Waaaah! I love your tshirt! You werent lying when you said you had a massive haul this week :) enjoy all of your lovely books hun.

  7. I love that t-shirt design. Good luck with your new job Ellie! Are you moving to anything book related? Some lovely incoming reads there.

    1. Sadly not, although it is a bit more exciting than financial services - will be testing apps.

  8. Bad? Oh come on, this is an AMAZING haul!! :D Think of the choice. Don't you just love when you have an open space to just go, "What do I want to read now?" And you have THE WHOLE SHELF to choose from? Best moment ever.

    Anyway, The Night School is one I'd love to read too! :D Love the idea of fantastical schools. For years I was adamant that I'd come into my secret witch powers soon, and this was way before I read Harry Potter. xD Also loving the T-shirt!

    1. I would think that if I didn't already have 700 books to read. I worry the floorboards are going to cave in ;)

      I'm looking forward to Night School; can't remember who but someone said it was so much better than expected.

  9. Gosh you weren't kidding on Twitter when you said you had a big haul....I mean WOW!!!

    These all sound really interesting...putting quite a few on my wishlist :D Do you know which one you're going to read next? So much choice :D

    Oh and I LOVE your T-Shirt :)

    Have a lovely Sunday Ellie :)

    Megan xxxxxxxx

    1. Some of these probably won't get read for years. I'm stocking up in preparation for the apocalypse ;)

  10. Wow... that IS a lot of books. I didn't know anyone sent out audiobooks to review, that's an interesting idea. Just started getting into audiobooks myself, and can't believe I didn't try them earlier... I can have a story read to me while I do cleaning and stuff - genius!

    Anyway, you'll have plenty to occupy lunch breaks at your new job. And best of luck with that by the way, hope you enjoy it! :-)

    1. I'm a bit rubbish with audiobooks really. I only accepted this one because it was a book I wanted to read anyway. Takes twice as long to get through an audiobook as it does to read and I don't have many opportunities to allow me to fully pay attention whilst doing something else.

  11. Wow. That is a MASSIVE haul!
    I really want to read Blood Red Road, Adorkable & Night School. They all sound amazing!
    Enjoy :D

  12. I bought a few books this week and then completely freaked out when they arrived because I still need to read all the BEA books first lol

  13. I have Adorkable on my TBR pile and it looks, well adorable! Someone Else's Life looks good and I've heard great things about Parasite. Happy reading! Thanks for coming by my SS :)

  14. Okay, my haul isn't that crazy after all. :D
    Adorkable and Night School are supposed to be really good! Night School has been on my Kindle for ages, in fact. Will have to read it ASAP!

  15. Goodness that is a lot of books. I keep seeing that Mira Grant book and it reminds me that I *need* to read FEED! Happy Reading!

  16. Wow that is a lot of books! I haven't been inside a The Works for a while but every time I do I walk away with a stack of books because of their 3 for £5 offer...

    I loved Adorkable and have been meaning to read Someone Else's Life for a while, you just reminded me I have to look into it ^_^

    My Showcase Sunday :)

  17. Good work! I can't wait to get Citadel and that edition is gorgeous!

    I picked up Blood Red Road at Asda a few months ago but haven't got to it yet. I've got The Weight of Souls on my eReader too - I'm actually really looking forward to it! Strange Chemistry have got some brilliant stuff coming out!

  18. Wow, what a haul of books! I hope you enjoy all of them. :)

    My SS:

  19. The Works has been my downfall this fortnight as well. I've bought... *counts*... eight books from there lately. Oops, I actually thought it was less than that!

    One of them was Someone Else's Life actually. Oh, and that Shooting Victoria book. The Works seems to be getting quite a lot of new books in lately, it's great. I only found out about that Victoria book (from your blog actually!) and added it to my wishlist a few months ago, but now it's in The Works! :D

  20. Wow, that's a great haul! I've been wanting to read Blood Red Road for a while now. Hope you like it and the rest of your books!

  21. Ahaha, I know exactly how it feels, Ellie! Sometimes you just can't resist the binge. At least for the last few weeks I've been book binging in my library - it's good when you can give them back in the end :))) Hope you enjoy Night School and Blood Red Road - both are fabulous reads!

  22. Wow, that's a whole lot of books. Wonder where you got the time from to read all of that. I'm sure I won't have any time to read that many books ;)

    1. Well I read instead of watching TV and on my lunch breaks/travelling on public transport. I probably won't read all the review books as there are plenty I didn't request. Certainly won't read them all this year. I like having a personal library.


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