Sunday, 16 June 2013


AKA Showcase Sunday

I know opinions are split on the whole existence of the Kindle Daily Deal but I love that they're had a sci-fi version this past week too. I am meant to be getting the audiobook of Dark Eden to review, but at 99p might as well take the ebook too. I thought I already had Snow Crash, but apparently I don't so that was another must click. I would say it's a shame it's going back to the regular daily deal, but I really don't need to be buying ebooks every week.

For review:
The Long War by Terry Pratchett + Stephen Baxter (Transworld)
The Heist by Janet Evanovich + Lee Goldberg (Headline)

Dark Eden by Chris Beckett
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Library Loot:
The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories by H.P. Lovecraft
Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

I also popped into the library this week looking for some Lovecraft. I keep buying Cthulhu tees and thought I had better read something about it. They didn't have The Call of Cthulhu but I picked up a different collection...and because my library seems to put most the urban fantasy under horror, I also found they had in some Nalini Singh books (I have been told I must read). I think they've had a bit of stock rotation as lots of new stuff on the SFF shelves.

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  1. I'm very curious about Snow Crash - I keep hearing people saying how great it is, and reading rave reviews, but I know NOTHING ELSE about it. Hope it lives up to expectations! :)

    1. I believe it is the father of all cyber-punk...please don't ask me to define cyber-punk ;)

      I have been meaning to read Neal Stephenson for years but his books are always massive. I think Snow Crash is more managable plus I won't get an injury on the Kindle.

    2. Cyberpunk tends to be set in future worlds, often dystopian, in which technology is much further advanced than our own. Other examples include: Neuromancer, Ghost in the Shell, Otherland, Blade Runner, Akira. "Cyberpunk plots often center on a conflict among hackers, artificial intelligences, and megacorporations."

  2. Ooh, I'm loving the sound of Dark Eden! It sounds like it's going to be amazing!
    The Heist sounds like it's going to be great too!
    Great haul, I hope you enjoy all of your new books :)

  3. I am all about library stock rotation - it's always nice to see new stuff on the shelves. Hope you enjoy your books!

  4. Great haul...I've not read any but they all look intriguing. I love the Dark Eden cover!

    My Showcase Sunday

  5. I've been meaning to pick up a Terry Pratchett book for a while, I've heard nothing but good things about his books. Happy reading! :)

    My SS:

  6. The Call of Cthulu was free on the Kindle last year, or it was when I read it. Is it out of copyright? Either way, it's quite a short story. A strange one too. I liked it, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

    Oh God, I can't believe the Terry Pratchett one is up for review already. I still have the first one to read!

    1. I can get the short story by itself for 77p but I'd rather get a collection. I think only his earliest works are in public domain, Cthulhu falls into the 95 years window.

    2. The 95 years thing is only a US thing - it's 70 over here, so it should be available as it's been in the public domain since 2008. It's country-specific, not based on the nationality of the author. Although I get what you mean about owning a collection, it's always nicer.

    3. In that case, the Gutenberg Preoject people haven't got round to formatting an ebook for them. Stories can be read online for free but gah. I'd rather pay, it's more about trying not to buy books because I have too many than not being able to afford them.

  7. I don't have Snow Crash on my wishlist yet, but I have Reamde and another book of this author. Heard a lot of good reviews on this author! Hope you enjoy this one. I feel also ashamed I haven't started this particular series by Nalini yet. I might have to race to catch up with you, Ellie! :) Enjoy!

  8. This week's Kindle Deals have TORTURED ME! So many books I really want to read and just 4p in my account. *wail* Glad you picked a couple up!

  9. Great haul! I haven't heard of any of these though I love the cover of The Long War.

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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