Sunday, 11 August 2013


AKA Showcase Sunday

I don't think I was doing very well with the understanding of words yesterday as I read my pile of books from HarperCollins as "adult fiction" when they are actually new adult, a genre marketing category I have mostly managed to avoid so far. During my Buffy re-watch I have been thinking that is exactly what new adult should be - covers all the important things about the first steps of independence. I am a bit wary of all the emphasis on the sexy on these NA titles but I may read a few pages to see if they are just leading me on.

In other news I accidentally won a book again. I think it must have been a retweet any review deal as I had retweeted one earlier in the day because it sounded interesting. Next thing I know, I've won a copy. Otherwise I've done really well this week and not bought or requested any books.

For review:
The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerksi (HarperCollins)
Wait For You by J Lynn (HarperCollins)
Rule by Jay Crownover (HarperCollins)

The Detainee by Peter Liney

Library Loot:

OK I did end up in the library to ease the no book buying pain. I went to pick up Night School: Legacy (which I have already read) and ended up with a few extras. At least these ones I can take back when I realise I'm not going to get to them. The Greenes are for Greene for Gran in memory of Granny Savidge.

Night School: Legacy by C.J. Daugherty
The Tenth Man by Graham Greene
Stamboul Train by Graham Greene
New Model Army by Adam Roberts
Lavinia by Ursula Le Guin

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  1. I have to confess I'm not particularly taken with the 'New Adult' trend at the moment...but then again I haven't really read anything that would qualify. But well done on not buying any books - I find it next to impossible not to each week although looking at the overflowing TBR pile I may have to start a book ban again...

  2. Nice haul! I wanna read The Edge of Never myself, hope it's good.
    Hope you enjoy all the reads!

    My haul
    My DESIGNS blog

  3. I've never read any Graham Greene, which is shameful considering I studied English Literature at university!

    Enjoy your week.


  4. I absolutely loved The Edge of Never & Wait For You! I hope you enjoy them :)
    Rule sounds really good too!
    Happy reading :)

  5. The Edge of Never is incredible and Wait For You is also pretty good :)

    My Showcase Sunday

  6. I actually managed to walk past the library and not go in yesterday, which must be a first! :) Looking forward to seeing what you think of the 'New Adult' books - not something I've really ventured into yet.

    Hope you're enjoying the Buffy re-watch - I watched the first two seasons again semi-recently and it didn't disappoint!

  7. I just recently tried a New Adult title just to see. I hope the one I read isn't an accurate representation of the "genre" because if it was, I won't be tempted to try again! Hope you have better luck with NA than I did.

    PS. The one I tried isn't on your stack, so fear not! =P

  8. I haven't read any books marketed as "New Adult," but I'm open to the category. It's a marketing term, but so are all genres (the whole purpose behind the categories is to inform readers about the product). I do wish it would focus more on the first steps of independence and less on sex, but I suppose the latter is sometimes tied to the former. I'll be curious to find out whether these books turn out to be better than their titles suggest!

    1. I disagree that genre is just a marketing term. It's quite an old word that denotes a collection of attributes; as in classical music is different to pop music.

      I think new adult books can fall into different genres which is why I think it is a marketing category rather than a fully formed genre. You could have a literary NA novel or a sci-fi NA novel. Though NA seems to be code for college age girls having sex with bad boys at the moment.

  9. Ha! I might have giggled at the "genre/ marketing category" bit. I agree, though. I think I've only read one New Adult book so far (which I didn't really like) but I'm still not convinced we need this category. It seems so pointless...

  10. I've read one "New Adult" book so far and I'm a bit confused at the fact that this new 'category' has suddenly appeared, but i agree I'd love to see some NA books that are more about independence and those steps into the world. Will have to read some more NA and see :)

    Hope you enjoy your books Ellie :)

    Megan xxx

    My Showcase Sunday if you'd like a look :)

  11. I'm sort of avoiding NA myself, and I'm extremely picky with YA to begin with. But hey, maybe it'll be good :)

  12. Oh New Adult? Bleurgh. I had a new adult book for review the other week, Brooklyn Girls. Until it stops being a lame excuse for putting sexytimes in young adult, it can sod right off. If I want sexytimes, they're going to be with vampires and werewolves and faeries. Grr.

  13. I'm a bit funny about New Adult as well. I'm not opposed to it in principle but it practice in just seems to be cheesy romance with added sex?

  14. Hi! I'm trying to respond to your response to my comment, but it wasn't working.

    Above, you said: "I disagree that genre is just a marketing term. It's quite an old word that denotes a collection of attributes; as in classical music is different to pop music."

    What I mean is that labeling any book as being part of a genre is simply for marketing. It's to entice readers to specific books that have certain attributes. The purpose of the "New Adult" label is no different from "Young Adult" or "Literary Fiction" in that its purpose is to attract readers. That's marketing.

  15. (sorry to post again--the "reply" button isn't working for me). Also, I don't think there is such a thing as "fully formed genres." The lines are blurry between most of them. For example, is a book sci fi, fantasy, or speculative fiction? The "genre" chosen is usually the one the author and/or the publishing company thinks will sell the book to the highest number of people. The same is true for "New Adult."

    1. I have said nowhere that I think genres don't have blurry lines. I meant that genre is an old word from the early 19th century which predates marketing.

      I PERSONALLY don't think this is a genre, it's a bit like saying benevolent vampire books need their own genre. They perhaps have their own marketing category because putting a certain cover on them will help sales because it is popular.

    2. I would also like to add I have nothing against anyone reading books of any kind if that's what they want. I just have an opinion on the use of words.

      It's a bit like everyone uses decimate incorrectly these days.

  16. Congrats on winning a free book :) even better that it was accidental, a nice surprise.

    I feel like NA is like when they created the 12A rating, but backwards - a way to encourage older teens to read 'naughty' books. However, I haven't read one yet, so maybe I'll be proved wrong. I agree, it is more of a marketing category than a genre.


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