Saturday, 12 October 2013

#Readathon Hour 11: Sniff Sniff

Hour 11: local time 23:00
Total pages read: 628
Hours spent reading: 10
Books finished: 2
Coffee count: 3
Books: Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire + Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

Pages read since last update: 279
Snacks eaten: wasabi peanut crackers
Drinks drunk: coffee

Wow Maggot Moon was a powerful little book. Not sure what I was expecting, but not that. Also loved the little illustrations. I'm feeling rather emotional now, so Jojo Moyes may break me. At least I am fully awake! Hoping to get another 3 hours in before I nap... if you don't hear from me, I will be back at hour 18 with my mini challenge.


  1. Good luck for the next couple of hours! Hope you manage to keep your eyes open :)

  2. 628 pages is amazing! I'm about to hit a paltry 200 before I think I'm crashing into sleep. I rather sadly have plans tomorrow so I can't stay up all time I am putting in some planning time before I jump in so that I can properly bed down and get stuck in.

    Good luck for the next few hours and see you when I'm back from a bit of sleep :)

  3. Enjoy the JoJo Moyes. Should be good. (and enjoy the nap) :)

  4. I've never heard of Maggot Moon, but I'm now eagerly awaiting your review so I know whether I need to acquire a copy immediately. No pressure or anything. :D


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