Thursday, 28 November 2013

Team Robot Blogger Award Shortlister Giving of Thanks

The lovely people at Angry Robot (and they are lovely) shortlisted me for their Team Robot Blogger Award. I may not have won, but the shortlisting itself made me all misty eyed. So in the spirit of giving thanks, I will respond with a round-up of all my Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry/Exhibit A reviews so far. May there be many more in the future*!

Guest posts and whatnot:
Strange Chemistry Launch
Extract: The Assassin's Curse
Q+A with Cassandra Rose Clarke
Cover Reveal: The Pirate's Wish
The Zenn Blog-a-palooza Tour
Q+A with Bryony Pearce
A post about St. Lucia

* I have reviews of Shadowplay and The Holders to come shortly. Plus many Strange Chemistry titles that will be read soon(ish).


  1. Yey!!! Congrats :D I'm really excited with the direction Strange Chem has been going, so excited to see what they come out with in the coming year :D

  2. Congrats love - who votes for you and when do you find out who won?, I haven't read any of those books!


    1. Ah no,it wasn't a vote thing, it was chosen by the publishers. It was picked yesterday and I didn't win. But I still get some (more) books. It's just lovely to be appreciated (and better than a voting thing imo).

  3. Followed you on Twitter.

    I have visited before, but not lately.

    Your blog looks great. ENJOY all these books.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog

  4. Woo, congrats! :-D Wow you've reviewed so many Angry Robots!


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