Sunday, 27 April 2014

#Readathon Hour 19

Local time: 07:00
Hours spent reading: 14
Hours awake: 1
Pages read: 1033
Books finished: 3
Feeling: slightly refreshed

I've had four hours sleep, which doesn't feel nearly enough but I'm back up and reading. Loved Friday Brown! Next up is my mini challenge at 8am BST. I should at least finish Beauty and start my 5th book in the next 6 hours. We can do it!

Don't forget to check if you've won a prize in the hourly update posts.

Currently reading: Beauty by Sarah Pinborough
Read: Tinder by Sally Gardner, Landline by Rainbow Rowell, Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield
Pages read since last update: 143
Crumpet count: 4


  1. I have my traditional breakfast of champions on hand too! I was trying to get an hour and a half or so's rest, but Domino was trying to tunnel under the door and miaowing like a banshee, so... nope. Naturally she'd barely been around all night before that, when it might have been fun. >:(

    I'm going to read a tiny bit longer, then as soon as I hear signs of life from the room below mine I'm taking it as safe to play Book Jenga without arousing the ire of a sleeping household! :D

  2. I found you on instagram and I love your photos!! 3 books is awesome good job!


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