Review Policy

Current Status: Limited (Jan 2020)

If it's on my 2020 wishlist I'll consider it but otherwise I don't really have the availability to take on more books for review.

I may consider books to feature on my Instagram (non-review format).

There are so many books I want to read and I just don't have time to read everything. I work full time and half my "reading" is done via audiobooks. I would rather just buy the books I feature on here for the time being. Thanks for understanding.

Things I want

Thought-provoking science fiction
Character driven stories
Standalone fantasy
SFF from black, Asian and minority ethnicity writers
Intelligent contemporary young adult
High fantasy YA (or unique urban fantasy idea)
New books in trilogies and series I have already started (and given at least 4 stars to)
Popular science
Unusual aspects of history (either novel or narrative non-fiction)
20th century historical fiction
Heart-warming stories
Food (fiction and non-fiction or actual food if you really want to send it)
Sloths (I can dream)

Scully can also review dog stuff!

If you'd like to send my adorable Labrador something, we will share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and maybe the blog.
Tough toys, interactive toys, natural treats or subscription boxes.

Things I don't want

Grimdark, space operas, action-based, mid-series books unless I am reading the series already, crime fiction, unjustified rape scenes, anti-heroes, domestic thrillers, religious preaching or overly long books.

  • My reviews are just my opinion, just because I don't like a book doesn't mean it's a bad book.
  • Sending me a book does not guarantee a review.
  • My reviews are always honest, I will never exchange a promise of a positive review for a free book.
  • My ratings mirror those on Goodreads: Didn't like, OK, liked, really liked, loved.
  • I cannot read on demand, so please don't approach me for a review if you need it by a specific time.

I do not tolerate harassment in any form directed towards myself or my followers. If you engage in such behaviour, it will be reported to your publisher and an abuse notification submitted against whichever platform you are using to harass. This includes reviews reposted to Goodreads and Amazon and the use of other social media to spread bad will. I will not accept requests from anyone known to abuse reviewers for stating an honest opinion. If you do not feel you can be courteous in the event of a negative review, please do not submit your book.

Please use my contact me form to get in touch.

Guest Posts

  • Guest posts should be relevant, interesting and unique. There's nothing worse than being provided content that is on ten other blogs. The exception to this rule is for extracts.
  • Posts must be provided in unformatted text with any images provided in PNG/JPEG format.
  • Posts should be no longer than 1000 words, around 600 is ideal.
  • I retain the right to decline a guest post if I find it offensive or badly written.
  • You will receive a small plug for your book/website/social media.
  • Photography, poetry and recipes also considered.

Blog Tours

  • I cannot guarantee a review for a blog tour however I am often happy to take part in some way.
  • Please make sure the book is relevant to the readers of my blog.
  • If you are including a giveaway, please make it available to UK residents.
  • You must provide a public schedule and confirm dates with me in advance.
  • If you send me a copy of the book and I hear nothing else, I will not take part.