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Month: December 2011

Science Fiction, Young Adult


A futuristic retelling of Cinderella’s story, Cinder is a cyborg, forced to use her mechanic skills to make money for her adoptive family. Everyone that knows she is no longer completely human looks down on her, she has no freedom…


Winner Announced!

With all the excitement of Christmas, I forgot to post the winner of Miranda July’s It Chooses You. So without futher ado the winner is… Jane Hanbury from Booketta’s Book Blog! Read my review and watch videos here (password =…

5 Star, Fantasy

The Well of Lost Plots

Poor Thursday still hasn’t reactualised her non-husband Landen. Even worse she’s beginning to forget him. Could it be the work of that pesky Aornis Hades, lurking in her memories? At the end of Lost in a Good Book, Thursday Next…

Popcorn Moment: War Horse

Fans of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse may feel some trepidation when faced with an adaptation to the big screen. How can a story narrated by a horse be made into a believable film? For those not familiar with the book,…