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Crime Fiction

Shakespeare’s Christmas

Lily is looking forward to spending Christmas with Jack but first she must return to her home town, and the family she ran from, for her sister’s wedding. Before she leaves, she reads an article in the paper about unsolved crimes including a baby snatched around Thanksgiving eight years earlier. When she gets to Bartley, she’s horrified to be in the middle of a murder case once more…

Another good mystery from Charlaine Harris. I did think Lily’s family were going to be horrible when compared to her thoughts in previous books but they seemed like a nice normal family whose worst crime was caring for her. With a title like Shakespeare’s Christmas you’d expect it to be quite festive but the plot unfolds around the wedding plans instead and you would be able to read this any time of year.

Being away from home Lily spends less time working out although she does manage to squeeze in some cleaning!

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  1. bibliolathas

    I'm enjoying your thoughts on this series, which I recently read. I thought this one was where things started to get interesting with the greater openness about Lily's past, but it was also where I started to find things getting a bit formulaic. For example, I think if I read that she was shaved as smooth as a baby's bottom once more I would have screamed (this is also a weird clichΓ© in the 'Sookie Stackhouse' series)! Also, I don't know if was just my edition (Kindle omnibus) but the name of her sister changed from book 1 to 3. (The Sookie series also had a few continuity problems like that.) But I did enjoy this series – a bit of light entertainment, despite some of its dark themes.

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