The Library Book is a collection of memories, stories and essays which all display a passion for libraries from a variety of writers, including bestselling authors, journalists and a songwriter. From the very first lines of James Brown’s This Place Will Lend You Books for Free, I thought, this person knows me. If you love books, you will find joy amongst the pages as authors share their stories of their relationship with libraries. From a young Stephen Fry discovering Oscar Wilde to the destruction of libraries in Julian Barne’s dystopian England, it’s a perfect book to dip into. It also serves as a great argument as to why we need our libraries and I think copies should be given to everyone who doubts that.

The China Mieville contribution is an extract from Un Lun Dun and Kate Mosse’s is a reworked version of the short story, The Revenant. I did much prefer the reminiscent pieces over the stories, where it is easy to see how writing talents were nurtured.

Royalties from the sale of The Library Book will go to The Reading Agency to fund library programmes. It is published by Profile Books and currently available in hardback. I received this copy to review for newbooks magazine.