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Month: October 2012



Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple journey to Greece to cover the state of the nation following financial collapse. Discordia reports on the struggle of normal people who have gone from living comfortably to the other side of the poverty line….

Crime Fiction

Mad River

It starts with a robbery gone wrong. Jimmy, Becky and Tom are three teenagers with no future. When Jimmy kills Agatha Oโ€™Leary, daughter of a wealthy family, the trio go on the run, leaving a swathe of murders in the…

Horror, Short Stories

The Haunted Book

When Jeremy Dyson is contacted by journalist Aiden Fox to uncover Britainโ€™s hidden ghost stories, he embarks a hardened sceptic. As he sets off around the country he learns how the mundane can turn terrifying in an instant. The success…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Contrary to what this may look like, I am trying to cut down on books between now and Christmas. Which is quite hard when there are lovely publicists waving proofs around on Twitter but I have mostly…

General Fiction, Translation

The Guard

Harry and Michel are the only two guards in a luxury apartment block. The never leave the basement and their number one priority is keeping the residents safe. Who knows what dangers lurk outside the apartment rules. They spend their…


A Street Cat Named Bob

James Bowen is living in sheltered accommodation when he discovers a ginger tom sat in his hallways. Convinced the cat must belong to a neighbour, and wanting to avoid trouble, he leaves the cat be until her sees him day…