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Month: November 2013


The Falconer

Debutante, heiress, murderer… Aileana Kameron has not been quite the same lady she was the night her mother died. Whilst she must keep up the act during society gatherings and due her duty by her father, she is also battle…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Things are fortunately starting to slow down on the book front in the run up to Christmas. Which is good because my reading has slowed right down too. I’m looking forward to my two weeks off to…


The Elements of Eloquence

The Elements of Eloquence; its very title an example of the first chapter’s rhetoric, alliteration. This charming little book from the man who brought you The Etymologicon and The Horologicon reveals the secrets of all great poets (and songwriters) with…

Young Adult

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor’s the new girl. Everyone on the school bus has their designated seat and no one’s moving. Except for Park, who begrudgingly offers her the seat next to him. Park doesn’t know why she makes herself such an obvious target…