Illumicrate is a new bookish subscription box started by Daphne of Winged Reviews. She’s done a wonderfully professional job with the first box. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of unboxing videos around but just let me say it was obvious a lot more care had been taken in the presentation than most the geek boxes I’ve seen.

I really wanted to avoid spoiling the box for anyone who is still waiting for theirs to arrive so I’ve not posted pics anywhere else and this is your opportunity to stop reading.

Each box comes with a newly released book and the first title is Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. I hadn’t really heard about this book before and it sounds like something I would pick to read, so I’m pretty happy with this. It’s set in an alternate history where the Nazis won WWII. It’s accompanied by a handmade bookmark, which is a nice touch, and a signed book plate.

The next item is an exclusive Harry Potter poster including alternate book cover designs. I’m probably in the minority of not being that fussed with Harry Potter stuff and I rarely ever put posters up unless it’s something I feel like framing. So I imagine this will just get squished in a corner somewhere and forgotten about.

Next up is something I recognised, a Mockingjay necklace, which is something I’d probably wear a few times. It’s a bit more special that the box includes handmade items and also includes a discount code for the sellers (I’m guessing they are all on Etsy). The little “Books Before Looks” thing is actually a mirror which seems a bit of an odd inclusion for a bookish box. I guess I just don’t carry a mirror about with me, so others might find it more useful. It’s a fairly well made item though.

There’s a few promotional cards included and a super tiny Six of Crows badge. Compared to the geek boxes I’ve tried, Illumicrate is priced on the high side at Β£29.99 and I would have preferred something a bit more substantial in the gifts for that. I accept it’s going to be hard to please everyone though. For a first box, Daphne’s done a great job putting it together though and I will definitely give it another chance.

Subscriptions are currently sold out but you can sign up to be notified when they are available again.