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Month: July 2017

Young Adult


I was expecting S.T.A.G.S to be a dark boarding school tale with a hint of horror and was thoroughly looking forward to reading it. Greer has received a scholarship to attend the prestigious school whilst her single father is working abroad. She’s from Manchester and…

Chick-Lit, Romance

Lost for Words

I picked up Lost for Words thinking it would be a lighter read about a woman who works in a second-hand bookshop with maybe a bit of romance. Turns out it’s a lot darker than that but by the time I worked out it wasn’t…


The Outrun

I wonder if there’s much overlap between readers of nature fiction and those interested in alcoholism. The Outrun has been recommended to me a lot and I liked the idea of reading about Orkney, even if I wouldn’t normally pick up a memoir about addiction….



Read the World: Italy When the Red Fever came, it killed only the adults. On the island of Siciliy, young Anna and her little brother Astor are left orphaned. Before her death, their mother wrote The Book of Important things, with instructions on how to…


#24in48 Day Two

Time spent reading: 16 hours approx Books finished: 4 Pages read: 993 Woo, a successful reading weekend completed! A chunk of today was taken up with Scully’s birthday celebrations, so as expected I didn’t read as much as yesterday. I could carry on going until…


#24in48 Day One

Time spent reading: 9 hours approx Books finished: 3 It’s gone 9pm on this side of the pond, so I’m taking a break. Josh made me a very yummy dinner whilst I read I Hate Fairyland so I’ve scoffed that and am resting my eyes…


#24in48 Readathon

This weekend is the 24 in 48 Readathon. Whilst I am a Dewey’s veteran, this in my first 24 in 48. If you don’t know the premise, it’s a bit more relaxed with the aim to read for 24 hours over the whole weekend. This…



Yesterday is set in an alternate reality where the population is split between Monos and Duos. The difference? A Duo can remember two days and a Mono only one. This creates a class divide and Felicia Yap uses it to explore prejudice. At the heart…