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Science Fiction vs Fantasy Bingo 2018

Science Fiction vs Fantasy Bingo 2018

Welcome to my low-stress, super relaxed reading* challenge for next year! You can choose to do a line, try to do as much as possible in your preferred genre, attack it randomly or go for the full house, it’s really up to you. Some of the squares are geared more to one genre but all are open to interpretation. I’ve laid out the card so that a down line is more easily done in a single genre if you so wish.

The Squares

Wibbly Wobbly Time Travel
It’s the End of the World As We Know It
Alien Invasion
Alternate Reality
This is Totally Going to Happen One Day
South American
Fantastic Beasts
Bite Me
Kings, Queens and Long, Lost Relatives

Will there be prizes?

Sure, if you sign up and link back to this post, you can enter to win a SFF book of your choice (see below). Depending on how many people actively participate there may be more prizes during 2018, but I don’t want to commit myself if there’s only two of us doing it!

What books count?

Science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative and magical realism are all OK.

Do I need a blog to take part?

Nope! You can sign up on any social platform (I need to be able to see your sign-up post if you’re entering the giveaway though). Please use the hashtag #SFvsFBingo so others can find your posts and see what you’ve been reading.

Can I link up my reviews?

I will be posting some linkies here on my blog in the new year, one for science fiction and another for fantasy, so we can see which genre “wins” at the end of the year. You don’t need to link up, or even review your books, if you don’t want to. Like I said, it’s super relaxed. If you want to sign up but not enter the giveaway, please just leave a comment.

You can download an alternate square version of the bingo card here but please refer back to the challenge when using it.

*You could totally do this as a photo challenge if you’d prefer. If you’re signing up on Instagram, please mention/tag @patchworkbunny so I know you’re taking part.

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  1. Kara_Malinczak

    This is the perfect challenge for me to do this year so I am signing up for sure! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Unknown

    I love this board! It's so well put together. I'm really interested in doing this. I'm curious, for prompts like "independent" and "epic", did you have a certain kind of book in mind or is it up to our interpretation?

    1. Ellie

      Thanks! It will be great to have you on board. All the prompts are open to interpretation. I was personally thinking independent publisher and epic fantasy but you can put your own spin on it, i.e. an independent character or a super long book.

  3. Darlene

    Love the categories! This will be fun. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Lit Addicted Brit

    I've only just seen this because I've been doing a terrible job of keeping up with blog posts but I *love* it! I'll definitely be joining in and I'll be signing up "officially" soon.

  5. Mallory Heart Reviews

    Definitely the challenge for me!

  6. curlygeek04

    This sounds like fun! I'll be joining in.

  7. Ailsa

    It sounds fun – a nice way for me to pick what I read, and lots of things I'm already planning to read will fit into the categories πŸ™‚

  8. Julie Cornewell

    Love this challenge except for one thing…No steampunk square. πŸ™

    1. Ellie

      I've tried to make it so plenty of squares can be interpretated loosely so there's no reason you couldn't read steampunk for several of them. I've only read steampunk that fits into fantasy genres so sorry if you don't think the prompts work for what you read.

  9. Ivyclad Ideas

    Signed up:
    Can't guarantee I'll hit them all, but I'll try. πŸ˜‰

  10. voide

    Hello. I saw your reading challenge from Ivyclad Ideas's blog. I have a question. May I know if I can use the same books from other challenges to fill in these boxes? Thank you!

    1. Ellie

      Yes, of course!

    2. voide

      Signed up! And thank you so much. ps: I liked the graphic πŸ™‚

  11. FyreFlyeRush

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. FyreFlyeRush

    Are graphic novels acceptable? What about re-reads?

    1. Ellie

      Hiya, graphic novels, comics and re-reads are all a-ok! There really aren't any rules to this as I want it to be relaxed! Have fun!

  13. Anonymous

    Yay! I love Reading Bingo more than any other reading challenge. This one is right up my alley.

  14. Rifat Ansari

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  15. Unknown

    Does just posting here count as entering? This is such a cool bingo!! I am so excited to find books to fit!!

    1. Ellie

      Sure! I should have kept the rafflecopter going longer now I’ve seen how many people joined in after new year.

  16. Anstice Brown

    I love the idea of this challenge! Here's my sign-up post:

  17. Anonymous

    This reading challenge is very fitting for me this year because I really want to read more sci-fi and fantasy. Officially signed in, thanks for hosting it!

  18. Aaron Pound

    I'm always looking for a science fiction and fantasy oriented challenge, so this is pretty perfect for me. I'm looking forward to participating.


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