Every now and then I remember I have a vast store of digital comics from various Humble Bundles. As Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge has several comic prompts this year, I thought it best to start looking a bit more closely of what I have unread.

I noticed I had a bundle from Oni Press which would cover the comic from a publisher other than Marvel, DC or Image. I picked out Lost at Sea, a standalone graphic novel from the creator of Scott Pilgrim, Brian Lee O’Malley. Raleigh believes she has no soul, she’s adrift in her life, losing touch with her old friends, and seeing cats everywhere. It perfectly captures that time of teenagerhood where things are no longer the same but you don’t know where you’re going. Maybe she’s got no soul or maybe she’s depressed.

I think it would have greater appeal to teen readers who can identify a bit more. Some bits were really beuatiful but it’s one of those comics that doesn’t have a discernable plot and it ended quite suddenly. I did like the kitty catching scene, where Raleigh becomes convinced her soul is in one of the cats.

Read Harder: A comic that isnโ€™t published by Marvel, DC, or Image

Monstress: The Blood is the second volume of these beautiful comics by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. Read my review of Awakening for an introduction. Maika joins a pirate crew to beg passage to the Island of Bones, with the hopes of learning more about her mother. Obviously, lot’s of people still want Maika dead or captured and there’s new beasts in the deep. This was more of a straightforward story and wasn’t quite as strong as the first but I’m still looking forward to the third instalment later this year.

Read Harder: A comic written or illustrated by a person of color

The latest trade of Saga (volume 8) starts off in Abortion Town, and it does feel like the most political instalment so far, showing how there are different reasons a woman may seek help. In Alana’s case her unborn child is dead and she’s starting to see visions. It’s a sad part to this family’s saga, although I’m not sure it did much to further the ongoing plot.

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