Addie and Deb are on the way to a wedding in Scotland when her ex runs into her, literally. With Dylan and Marcus’ car totalled, they need a ride to the same wedding… They all pile in, along with Rodney, who know why Rodney’s there? Can they survive the long journey squished in a mini without all their history spilling into an argument?

Initially I didn’t like the parts in the past, they seemed a bunch of stuck up, posh gap year kids, but things started to improve when the more serious aspects of the story are introduced through these scenes. This seems to be par for the course for Beth’s books, a seemingly light hearted romance with a darker message to be revealed.

The present day road trip is much sillier. I laughed out loud at the incident that happens when someone stops for a roadside wee. They bicker over silly things and over things that hint at their past. There are signs that both of the men have changed, but is it enough? And what did really happen to break up this seemingly perfect couple?

It says a lot about her character writing that I ended up wanted Marcus to be OK, when he starts out as an incredibly unlikable person. His behaviour was awful but came from a place of hurt and insecurity.

Overall I didn’t like The Road Trip as much as The Flatshare, which is proving hard to beat, but I did prefer this to The Switch. If you choose to listen on audiobook, the male narrator is quite softly spoken at times followed by shouty dialogue. If you listen on headphones while out and about like me, beware you may need to choose between missing bits and being deafened.

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