Are you doing any reading challenges next year? As usual I’m doing Around the Year in 52 Books and the Popsugar Reading Challenge. This year I didn’t overlap the challenges at all, but I’ll be more flexible next year as Popsugar have a lot more specific prompts than usual. I’m keeping my eye out for other challenges that catch my eye, Book Riot’s Read Harder is just not appealing next year.

I’m getting slack with my weekly updates. I wish I knew how to get my blogging mojo back, it’s not like I’m being productive doing other things. Last week I did at least review A Marvellous Light. Maybe actually having a review copy is a good bit of pressure to blog!

Since my last update I’ve finished The Red Monarch by Bella Ellis, the third book in the Brontรซ Sisters Mysteries series. I love how the sisters have been imagined, all distinct and independently minded, at least for the time. I especially like Emily. I know some people don’t like authors making up secret lives of real historical figures, but I like to think the Brontรซs would have been amused at being detectors.


I alsoย  read Karen M. McManus’s latest, You’ll Be the Death of Me set all in one day of bunking off school. This is very much more of the same from McManus, but I read it all in one day and it was entertaining. If you like her books, you’ll like this.

I finished off the 2021 ATY challenge too, with The Vaccine Race as my non-fiction book that’s not a biography or memoir. This was about the history of vaccines grown in human cells and was interesting subject matter (well if you’re interested in medicine) but it was quite repetitive. I didn’t need a reminder every chapter of the process that had been described plenty of times already!

And then I read The Apollo Murders by astronaut Chris Hadfield. If you like technical detail of aviation/space flight, this one’s for you. I liked the character of Svetlana the cosmonaut the most, but the mystery was lacking a little. I’m not even sure they actually solved the murder at the end? It’s just sort of implied.

I’m currently getting into the Christmas spirit with Christina Lauren’s In a Holidaze and listening to Nick Offerman reading Where the Deer and the Antelope Play: The Pastoral Observations of One Ignorant American Who Loves to Walk Outside.

Walks have got increasingly muddy over the last couple of weeks, and things are looking more autumnal than wintery. Here’s a blurry (happy) dog getting in the way of my peaceful forest scene:

Autumnal forest path with running Labrador dog

With the evenings drawing in and the pandemic flaring up again, our weekend entertainment has been mostly jigsaw puzzles. We’re down to our last one, I’m hoping Santa got the hint. We did a cool Tim Burton films one, then I found out they also did a Tarantino but now it’s discontinued. Boo!

Jigsaw puzzle featuring characters from Tim Burton films.

New books acquired:

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
[gifted] The Old Woman with the Knife by Gu Byeong-Mo (Canongate)
Digging Up Love by Chandra Blumberg (ebook)
Another Now by Yanis Varoufakis (ebook)