It’s nowhere near as cold as some places, but considering at new year it was warm enough to walk around without a coat on, it’s flipping freezing now! We haven’t had any snow but the ground is frozen solid and a water pipe burst across the road from us. They were very efficient at fixing it, so we didn’t end up with an ice rink for a road.

Yellow Labrador dog looking away from camera, beach huts in bacground.

Not much to report on really. I’ve been trawling through job ads without much luck and restarted doing code courses online, mostly as a refresher so my brain doesn’t forget everything it’s learned over the last decade or so!

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Most Anticipated Books: January โ€“ June 2024

Review: The Invocations by Krystal Sutherland

Review: Fathomfolk by Eliza Chan

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[ARC] Fathomfolk by Eliza Chan

See review link above.

  • Popsugar # 34. A book with at least 3 POVs

Orbital by Samantha Harvey

In one day, the ISS orbits the Earth 16 times. Orbital comprises of 16 chapters, one for each orbit, as the station passes countries and oceans, a typhoon in the south Pacific, and the astronauts go about their daily tasks. I don’t think it’s explicitly stated that this is set on the ISS but there’s plenty of clues. There’s not much plot, not much happens on a regular day in space after all, but there are some beautiful observations of the planet, musings on humanity and a smattering of science.

  • Popsugar # 24. A book that takes place over the course of 24 hours

[ARC] The Good, the Bad, and the Aunties by Jesse Sutanto

More silly fun from the Aunties, but this failed to make me laugh like the first book did. It all felt a bit harmless and two-dimensional, I couldn’t take the enemies serious as either highly successful business people or gangsters, whichever it was they actually were. Was a quick and easy read though.

  • ATY # 25. A book involving a crime other than a murder

Hazardous Spirits by Anbara Salam ๐ŸŽง

Nothing really happened and I didn’t like the characters. It seemed an odd choice to write a book about spiritualism and tell it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t want to engage with it, neither in a positive or negative way.

  • ATY # 5. A book set in one of the 25 most beautiful cities in the world

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The Husbands by Holly Gramazio (Chatto & Windus)

Jumpnauts by Hao Jingfang (Head of Zeus)

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X Marks the Spot by Michael Scott (audiobook)