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Category: Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Islanders

Following the death of his mother, Olivier is stranded in a snowy Versailles over Christmas. When he goes to ask his neighbour for the phonebook, an old flame opens the door. He hasn’t seen his high school love Jeanne in…

Crime Fiction


Wolf is the 7th book in the Detective Jack Caffery series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for previous books. It all started with a lost dog. Attached to its collar, a fragment of card with the words “HELP…

Crime Fiction, Thriller

Wild Justice

Wild Justice is the final instalment of the Nadia Stafford trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for Exit Strategy and Made to Be Broken. Jack brings Nadia an offering, a file on the man who raped and killed…

Crime Fiction, Young Adult

Dead Jealous

Poppy’s only at the John Barleycorn festival for her mother’s handfasting. Oh, and that it’s a good excuse not to go to Julia’s party, her best friend’s girlfriend. Telling Michael how she feels would be a disaster so it’s better…

5 Star, Crime Fiction


Unseen in the 7th book in the Will Trent series (which follows on from the Grant County series) and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. Lena had told Jared it was bad luck to paint the…

Crime Fiction


Will Trent is working undercover in Macon, disguised as tough biker Bill Black. But that doesn’t mean he can’t stop at a gas station for an iced Coke. Whilst waiting for his drink, an armed robbery takes place. Will just…

Crime Fiction

Cold Grave

Anya Crichton is looking forward to spending some quality time with her son…even if he ex-husband is in tow. Shortly after boarding their all expenses paid cruise, a teenage girl is found dead. Is she a victim of excess or…