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Category: Non-Fiction

5 Star, Non-Fiction

In Pain

Well this was a jaw-dropping account of the opioid crisis. I never knew heroine was once prescribed for coughs, and that the current opioid crisis is repeating past mistakes that were never learned from. In Pain is partly a memoir,…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

War Doctor

From war zones to natural disasters, vascular surgeon David Nott has volunteered his time to treat the victims in some of the most dangerous places on Earth. His memoir covers just some of his life-long work and the challenges faced…


The Salt Path

After losing their home and business, Raynor and Moth receive more bad news. Moth is diagnosed with CBD. There’s nothing they can do for him. When hiding out from the bailiffs, Raynor spots a guide to walking to South West…


Non-Fiction Catch-Up

In Miniature Simon Garfield’s latest book examines the world of miniature items, from villages and railways to slave ships and crime scenes. He meets lots of passionate people and talks about miniatures throughout history. I made the mistake of listening…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

East of Croydon

Since itโ€™s Nonfiction November I should probably share some non-fiction reviews! East of Croydon follows Sue Perkins on her travels around Asia whilst filming documentaries for the BBC. It also covers her fatherโ€™s terminal cancer and coming to terms with…