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Spot The Difference

I’ve asked Snowbooks about this on Twitter as it could just be that the self published author picked the same stock image but I find it unlikely as they are SO similar. Even if they are both stock images, I don’t think it’s good taste…


Frequent Commenter Award

Gabe over at Gabriel Reads awarded me with this Frequent Commenter Award. To accept this award I’ve got to pass it onto two of you lovely people so it can spread like those friendly bacteria Yakult keep harping on about. I would like to pass…


A New Arrival

I’d just like to share…I finally got myself a Kindle! I think Amazon should get an award for easiest straight out the box experience. It had managed to sync my existing purchases even before I’d got to the home page. It will not be replacing…


Book Group: Room

We had a bit of drama at book group tonight. Half way through a discussion a man walks up to us and asks if we’re the book group and then states that we’ve just lost two members, they were waiting outside, got angry and stomped…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Gathering

Bitten was the book that got me hooked on urban fantasy, so I love reading anything Kelley Armstrong writes. The Gathering is the first in a new young adult trilogy set in the same universe as Women of the Otherworld and is similar her The…


The Damned Busters

“It turns out that sinning is what makes the world go round.” The story starts off when Chesney accidentally summons a demon; it could happen to anyone. But Chesney doesn’t want to sell his soul to the devil and his choice has disastrous consequences. What…

Books In


So the post arrived… I’d forgotten about most of the books that were inside those packages, the only was I was expecting was the one from Australia. Four packages, five books plus those already here… The Hurricane Party, Binu and Lion’s Honey are all Canongate…


Waiting for the Postie

I’m sat here waiting for the post to arrive. Normally I don’t mind this but it’s glorious weather outside and I want to get to the beach (OK I live one minute walk away from the beach but still). I requested a redelivery so I…