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The PWB Codex

I always think it’s far fetched in crime shows and books where they find some hidden code that the victim has written and it leads them to the murderer. However today I had a look through the notes section on my iPhone. I wasn’t aware…


30 Minute Meals

I am slowly working my way through Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals and I felt it might be appropriate to share my experiences as the recipes are coming out of a book. They are possible in half an hour but don’t expect to get the…

Fantasy, Young Adult

Night World

As someone about to leave their twenties behind, I’m not the target audience for young adult books. Even though I enjoyed the Twilight Saga, I didn’t rate it particularly highly and am not searching for a substitute. I do however think there are some quality…

Books In


Gah, I though I’d had a fairly restrained week on the old book front but it appears a few have snuck in whilst my back was turned… I have set myself a vague rule that I’ll only accept swaps for wishlisted books. Now I have…

Crime Fiction


Jo Nesbo has been heralded as the next Stieg Larsson, except he’s not Swedish, is very much alive and also proclaims that his writing style just isn’t the same. His crime series is set is Oslo (that’s in Norway) and features down and out detective,…



So all the recent discussions over on BookMooch have made me feel a bit guilty about not adding my books there any more. So I looked out 15 sticky books off my ReadItSwapIt list and added them to my BookMooch inventory. I’m probably one of…


What’s in a Name?

When I decided I wanted to start a blog, I was determined to find a name that no one else was using, at least in blog circles. This is my excuse for my rather random title as there are a lot of blogs out there…



One of the less mentioned aspects of Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper is the inclusion of a variety of creation myths and theories. I liked the idea that Prometheus made man out of the leftovers and therefore had to give us fire to make up…