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Tag: australia

5 Star, Classics, Science Fiction

On the Beach

Over four thousand nuclear bombs have been dropped in the northern hemisphere. In Australia the survivors wait, for news, for hope. But the radiation will reach them eventually. All they can do is carry on living. Why should we have to die because other countries…

5 Star, Young Adult

Friday Brown

My life has been told to me through campfire tales – stories that spill over when the fire has burned low and silence must be filled. Seventeen-year-old Friday Brown has spent all her life travelling from town to town, brought up on stories of the…

General Fiction, Literary


“Do you know, Quinn, there isn’t even a single word for a parent who has lost a child? Strange, isn’t it? You would think, after all these centuries of war and disease and trouble, but no, there is a hole in the English language. It…