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Month: June 2012

Crime Fiction


When they start dying, no one seems to care. The criminal set of Glasgow are being gunned down, one by one and many think the vigilante killer is doing what the police couldn’t or wouldn’t do themselves. Police photographer, Tony Winters has a fascination with…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

Earth Girl

They call her ape, nean, barely human or if they’re being polite, handicapped. In reality, Jarra simply has an immune system that can’t survive off-world. She is one in a thousand. When she was born she was shipped off to earth to be brought up…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I was so excited this week to get a proof of Jojo Moyes’ next book, The Girl You Left Behind. Thanks so much Penguin! I have read it already so there will be a rare case of an advance review from me…


Time Warped

Time is a funny old thing. It drags whilst we’re at work or in a waiting room yet flies by at the weekend and everyone is convinced that times speeds up as we get older. In Time Warped, Claudia Hammond looks at the theories behind…

General Fiction, Literary

The Trapeze Artist

“When I grow up I’m going to be gay,” he told her. To this his mum could only gape. “But why?” she managed eventually. “Because I want to enjoy myself,” he replied. One day, a man walks away from his life and joins the circus….


Predators I Have Known

Advancing with effortless, leisurely sweeps of its huge scythe-like tail, the great white slipped casually through the chum to pass with utter indifference less than a yard from the stern. As it did so, it rolled onto its left side to eye us. That pupilless…