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Month: December 2012


Top Twelve 2012

As always I like to wait until the very end of the year to profess my favourite books of 2012, just in case I read something amazing over the holidays (which I did last year). My list is compiled from…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays. I may have just fallen into The Works today so my pile has doubled. And I thought I was being restrained in the face of the Kindle sale…who can resist…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Goddess Inheritance

The Goddess Inheritance is the final book in the Goddess Chronicles and therefore this review will contain spoilers for the previous books; The Goddess Test, The Goddess Hunt, Goddess Interrupted and The Goddess Legacy. Nine months have passed since Kate…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Believe it or not, this is two weeks’ worth of books in and actually bulked up by a visit to the library. Not sure if I’ll get to read them but I like to support my local…


Dead Witch Walking

White witch Rachel Morgan is a runner for Inderland Security, a supernatural law enforcement agency, but she’s starting to tire of all the poor assignments she’s been getting. When she finally quits her job, two of her colleagues decide to…