As always I like to wait until the very end of the year to profess my favourite books of 2012, just in case I read something amazing over the holidays (which I did last year). My list is compiled from books I have read during 2012 irrespective of publication date. This does mean there’s a couple of 2013 releases on here but by my own criteria, they would be missed off future lists and that’s unfair.

#12 The Sweet Scent of Blood

Fantastic new-to-me urban fantasy series set in London full of fae and vampires. Suzanne McLeod has revived my interest in seeking out urban fantasy this year. Read my review.

#11 The Dog Stars

A surprising entry on the list, it doesn’t sound anything like something I would enjoy but I loved this sparse, post-apocalyptic tale in an empty world. Read my review.

#10 Throne of Glass

The perfect epic fantasy for young adult readers. Takes all the good bits of the genre and removes all the bits I can’t stand. Oh yeah, and two of my favourite bloggers are quoted in the UK edition, so you know it must be good. Read my review.

#9 Pantomime

A wonderfully brave and unique young adult book. I know it’s not out yet but you should definitely add it to your list for 2013! Read my review.

#8 The Violinist’s Thumb

My non-fiction book of the year. Incredibly accessable and entertaining look at the history of DNA. I understand it all so much better now. Read my review.

#7 Heart-Shaped Bruise

Fantasticly gripping and moving sort-of-young-adult thriller which I read in one sitting. Plus Tanya is lovely (follow her on Twitter). Read my review.

Pushing the Limits

Oddly enough this also gets the award for worst cover of the year. Looks like my first ever attempts with PhotoShop in the 90s! Proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as this gritty comtemporary was my favourite YA read of the year. Read my review.

#5 The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

Stunning! Beautiful! This is the real reason I let 2013 releases sneak onto the list. I couldn’t not include it. Moving, beautifully written and thought-provoking science fiction. Read my review.

Diving Belles

Gorgeous collection of short stories featuring Cornish mythology and coastline with a mix of everday modern life. I even went on The Readers podcast to profess my love of this book. Read my review.

#3 The Song of Achilles

Despite my love of Greek mythology, I’ve always found The Iliad a bit confusing so to have it turned into a beautiful love story was the best thing that could be done. Read my review.

#2 Me Before You

Jojo Moyes ripped out my heart and stomped on it. Heart-breaking stuff. I took weeks to recover. Read my review.

The Testimony

I feel a bit like I don’t shut up about this book but only because I want you all to read it. 26 narrators may sound like too many but it really does work. James popped by the blog earlier this year to answer some of my questions on The Testimony and stuff. If you’re quick, you can also buy it for just Β£1.99 in the 12 Days of Kindle sale. Read my review.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the fabulous books I read in 2012. There are just so many and that is a good thing. You can always check out the links at the top of my blog for my highlights and 5 star reads.

Happy new year and may 2013 be filled with books and joy!