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Month: August 2018


Quickie Reviews

It’s that time again to round up all the books I’ve read but not reviewed. These are a mix of readathon reads and books I picked up for challenges and didn’t feel compelled to write full reviews for. Links go to Goodreads for more information….


Time’s Convert

Marcus and Phoebe are to be mated, but first Phoebe needs to become a vampire. She must be separated from Marcus as she learns how to control her new body and thirst for blood. As Marcus waits out the separation with Diana, she gets him…

5 Star, Non-Fiction


In Inferior, Angela Saini looks at the bias at work in science, specifically when it comes to studies in sex difference. From Darwin’s frankly appalling (but of his time) attitude to women to modern day studies, Saini looks at their evidence and takes apart theories…

Young Adult

After the Fire

Seventeen year old Moonbeam has spent most of her life in the compound of the Lord’s Legion, until the government come to take her away, the very people she has been taught are servants of the serpent. Now in the clutches of the enemy, Moonbeam…

General Fiction

Ghost Wall

Sylvie’s dad is obsessed with the past. She’s been forced to spend her summer in a recreation of an Iron Age settlement, wearing scratchy tunics, peeing in the woods and eating meagre rations found in the hedgerows. Ghost Wall has a slow build tension, as…


The Diviners

It’s 1926 and Evie O’Neill has been packed off to stay with her uncle in New York. It’s meant to be punishment but Evie cannot wait to escape her provincial life and discover the delights of the Big Apple. Her crime? She’s a seer and…


The Bumblebee Flies Anyway

When I heard that The Bumblebee Flies Anyway was about reclaiming a decked over garden for the wildlife, I thought this is my kind of gardening book. When we moved into our house, the small garden (front and back) had been covered in concrete paving…