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Month: December 2013

Young Adult

How I Live Now

Daisy’s mother died giving birth to her. Aged fifteen, he father sends her away to live with her aunt and cousins in England. As she settles into life in the countryside and bonds with her cousins, the world outside her…

Science Fiction

The Echo

The Echo is the sequel to The Explorer and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. It’s been twenty years since the disappearance of the Ishiguro. A new mission has set out to conduct research on the…

Fantasy, Young Adult


Shadowplay is the sequel to Pantomime and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. Micah Grey is on the run from the circus, with Drystan, the white clown, in tow. Determined not to be returned to his…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday A big thanks to the Other Ellie for my early Christmas pressie this week, it was a complete surprise. I need to get organised and send out some mystery packages to bloggers too. Amazing how little time…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Holders

Becca has put her life on hold to protect her little brother, Ryland, who hears voices in his head. She is determined not to let anyone take him away “for his own good”, but when two men turn up and…