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Month: July 2011


UK & EU Summer Hop

Finally, a giveaway hop for Europeans! Apologies to followers in the rest of this world but this one is limited to people living in the European Union. Remember to visit all the blogs taking part, you can check out what genres are being given away…


Paris in July Round-Up

So July is over and I’ve really enjoyed reading and watching something a bit different from normal. I haven’t quite read everything I set out to but I will be reviewing Badfellas in the near future and I do need to do a post about…


Chick-Lit is Not a Bad Word

Everyone now and then, someone gets their knickers in a twist over the use of the term “chick-lit” and it being demeaning to their work. It’s certainly not the readers of the genre, who use it with affection. We can’t blame the marketing people for…

Chick-Lit, Romance

From London With Love

Jessica is the daughter of James Bond and Heavenly Melons, or at least the actors behind those much loved roles. She’s fed up of everyone treating her differently because of who her parents are and decides to jump on a plane to London and create…


Kitty’s Big Trouble

The 9th book in the Kitty the Werewolf series, this could be alternately titled Kitty Goes to San Francisco. Had I been one to read cover blurb I would have saved it for my flight there in September. It was nice to have a werewolf…